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  • Home Makeover: HomeStretch-Style

    Willow Stream Make Over picAs a member of the Rotary Club of Alpharetta, Glennette “Cookie” Haynes is a great friend to HomeStretch. Her charity, Orphan-Foundation, believes ‘spaces that heighten a sense of spirituality, wellness, and confidence nurture the soul’. Each month, the Orphan-Foundation asks its partners to contribute to home renovations for low-income families. This month, they selected HomeStretch as a recipient of this valuable service.

    The renovation was a resounding success, and Cookie was delighted at the number of people who answered the call to help. To her, it was confirmation that the foundation’s ministry of inspiring hope through design is making a difference.

    A few weeks ago, one of our HomeStretch families moved into the beautifully renovated townhome. They are so grateful and say the den/living room is their favorite part of the house. Apparently, the kids were quite surprised that they had all new furniture! The father called HomeStretch after move-in and said, “I am just amazed! I don’t know what we did to receive such favor, but thank you!”


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      Glennette Haynes says:

      It was an honor to partner with such an uplifting organization, thank you HomeStretch!

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