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  • HomeStretch Newsletter Feb 2018

    February 2018 

    This Month’s Happenings:

    • Your Questions Answered! A Look Back at the History of HomeStretch
    • Peachtree Tea on February 27 
    • HomeStretch Welcomes a New Family
    • Roswell Rotary Plays In the Dirt
    • HomeStretch Logos – What do they stand for?
    • Thank You Volunteers
    • Calendar

    Your Questions Answered! 

    A Look Back at the History of HomeStretch

    As we mentioned last month, 2018 marks our 25th anniversary, and we’ll be celebrating all year long. This month, we want to share the answers to some common questions. So read on – you may be surprised by the answers!
    Why was HomeStretch started?
    We think the answer to this question can be summed up in one quote from a newsletter many years ago:
    “Many single parent families are at risk. The illness of a child or a sudden loss of job can plunge a family into homelessness. We desperately need a place here in North Fulton to house these families in crisis and give them the skills to return to self-sufficiency.” – Amy Blackburn of the Housing Task Force.          
    Published in the North Fulton Home Ministry newsletter- October, 1992
    Why did North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) transition the housing program to a separate corporation?
    At the time, both organizations, NFCC and HomeStretch, shared office space. We transitioned in order to avoid costly duplication of administrative expenses and for client convenience.
    Why the name HomeStretch?
    The name exemplifies two things:
    1. The need to educate our community by stretching their concepts of how affordable and transitional housing can change lives for the better.
    2. The need to stretch our client’s hope that affordable housing can be a reality, that temporary housing can provide relief from overpowering economic pressures, and that HomeStretch can be the beginning of a return to self-sufficiency.
    First published in the HomeStretch newsletter -March 1993

    It’s Tea TimeTea

    It’s nearly here – our 11th annual Peachtree Tea is just days away! We hope you’ll join us on February 27th at The Country Club of the South. We’ll start with a great silent auction and champagne reception. During lunch, we’ll hear from one of our graduates and four of the dedicated ladies who were key to the founding of HomeStretch 25 years ago!
    “I am excited to chair the Peachtree Tea during HomeStretch’s 25th anniversary,” says Tea chairperson Tania Trumble. “With a fantastic silent auction, wine pull, and delicious lunch, it’s going to be a wonderful event.”
    We hope to see you at the Tea, but if you can’t attend, please participate in the on-line silent auction beginning the week before. Bid early and often. Get details, purchase tickets, or register for the silent auction today: Tea Details, Tickets and Auction

    HomeStretch Welcomes a New Family – Q&A with RitaRita

    A few weeks after her move to HomeStretch with her teen daughter and son, we caught up with new resident, Rita, to hear her story:
    Q: How did you find HomeStretch? 
    A: I was referred to HomeStretch by the social worker at my daughter’s middle school after I told her we were at risk of losing our housing.
    Q: What are your hopes upon completing the program?  
    A: I plan to be in a much better position financially, so I never have to worry about becoming homeless again.
    Q: What was the move-in like and what did you and the kids think of the apartment? 
    A: I was completely overwhelmed! I was in tears because it is so beautiful. The kids were ecstatic when they saw it! We love it and we are all so very grateful.
    Q: What circumstances led you to seek our help?  
    A: I was embroiled in a long-standing family legal issue that left me financially strained. The legal expenses caused me to get behind on my bills, which led to an eviction.
    Q: What have you learned so far, since coming to HomeStretch?  
    A: That there is a sense of humanity and there are people who care enough to help someone going through a hard time. Though my faith was tested at times, it all worked out for the blessing!
    Q: What advice would you give to someone seeking help?  
    A: Breathe, pray, call HomeStretch, and know all things are possible through faith!

    RotaryRoswell Rotary “Plays” In the Dirt
    Members of Roswell Rotary put in a hard day’s work at our Forrest Street apartment building, helping upkeep the neighborhood. Thank you, Roswell Rotary, for all of your good works!


    Thank You!

    Flood Ministries
    North Point Community Church (Be Rich)
    The Galloway School
    YMSL (Milton, North Fulton, and NE Atlanta)


    Feb 27 – 11th Annual Peachtree Tea at Country Club of the South. Click here for details: Peachtree Tea Details

    April 14 – Choate Construction Run the River Road Race.
    Starts at St. Andrew Catholic Church. Click here for details:  2018 Run the River



    Rose J. Burton
    Executive Director


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