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  • History

    5K 10K
    Overall Male2012Nathan Hoskins (25)15:032005John Stoehr (20)33:38
    Overall Female2012Christy Beckman (35)17:442008Allison Dublinski (24)37:57
    Master Male2011Michael Strickland (44)15:592016Dan Cole (48)35:52
    Master Female2012Nancy Stewart (56)19:082016Mary Tollett (40)41:23
    3 Time WinnerDan Cole set a new 10K Master course record of 35:52 in 2016; then in 2017 was the 1st Overall in the 5K (17:13). In 2019 he was the 5K Master winner (17:40).
    3 Time WinnerTracey Raspante was the 1st 10K Female in 2011 (20:06) and in 2016 the 1st 10K Female Master with an improved time of 19:48. In 2017, she was the 1st 5K female (19:56)
    3 Time WinnerTammi D'Elana was the 5K Female Master winner in 2013 (20:44), 2015 (21:23) and 2017 (20:46)
    3 Time WinnerBenjamin LeBlanc, at age 13,  won the 10K in 2014 (35:25) and won again in 2016 (35:41).  In 2019 he was 1st Overall in the 5K (16:13).
    2 Time WinnerBethany LeBlanc (18) won the 10K overall in 2015 (42:30) and again in 2016 while drastically improving her time (39:40)
    4 Time WinnerChristina Evans was the 1st 5K Female in 2008 (19:31) and the 10K Master Winner in 2011, 2012, 2014. She held the Master 10K course record (42:07) from 2012 - 2016
    2 Time WinnerBrian Sydow (42) won the 5K in 2015 (17:48) and again in 2016 with an improved time of 16:49
    2 Time WinnerTimothy Newberg was the 5K Master winner in 2012 (18:01) and again in 2015 (18:03)
    5 Time WinnerWilliam Figueredo has been the master winner in both the 5K &10K
    4 Time WinnerRobert Feldman has been the master winner in both the 5K & 10K
    4 Time WinnerBrad Slavens won the 10K Master Division in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2015 and is the current record holder
    3 Time WinnerPatricia Hopkins Coppel won the 10K Overall Female Division in 2010,  2011 & 2012
    2 Time WinnerFerderico Ramos was the overall 10K winner in 2002 and the master 10K winner in 2003 and also finished first in 45 – 49 age category in 2011 with a time 39:06
    2 Time WinnerErica VanReener won the 10K in 2003 & 2005
    2 Time WinnerCarmen Evers won the master 10K in 2003 and was the overall 10K Winner in 2004
    20195K 10K
    Overall MaleBenjamin LeBlanc (18)16:13Addison Nieman (28)38:14
    Overall FemaleClara Heppner (14)19:31Regina Ronan (45)43:38
    Masters MaleDan Cole (51)17:40Christopher Beneat (45)39:59
    Masters FemaleAlly Daniels (40)21:54Lisa Zupko (45)49:11
    20185K 10K
    Overall MaleKen Youngers (61)17:58Ryan Bonfiglio (40)37:50
    Overall FemaleKatie Bennett (35)19:15Ruth Beuker (30)41:19
    Masters MaleBruce Catanzarite (51)19:47Gregory Hall (40)43:43
    Masters FemaleLeslie Hinz (60)20:50Casey Keeter (42)42:29
    20175K 10K
    Overall MaleDan Cole (49)17:13Manual Muhl (32)37:33
    Overall FemaleTracey Raspante (43)19:56Judy Roberts (39)39:21
    Masters MaleJason Ross (41)19:15Bill Wileman (41)38:47
    Masters FemaleTammi Delana (44)20:46Sara Hofeldt (44)43:06
    20165K 10K
    Overall MaleBrian Sydow16:49Benjamin LeBlanc34:41
    Overall FemaleJulita Auers19:40Bethany LeBlanc39:40
    Masters MaleBrad Heppner21:32Dan Cole35:52
    Masters FemaleTracey Rossi19:48Mary Tollett41:23
    20155K 10K
    Overall MaleBrian Sydow17:18Andrew Cawood34:01
    Overall FemaleTess Cochran19:44Bethany LeBlanc42:30
    Masters MaleTimothy Newberg18:03Brad Slavens35:48
    Masters FemaleTammi D'Elena21:23Anita Fuller43:18
    20145K 10K
    Overall MaleJonathan Gomez (19)17:06Benjamin LeBlanc (13)35:25
    Overall FemaleKatie McClay (26)19:31Lauren Giles (33)40:23
    Masters MaleJohn Roberts (59)18:03Brad Slavens (45)36:17
    Masters FemaleMary Richards (59)22:59Christina Evans (46)42:46
    20135K 10K
    Overall MaleVictor Breedveld16:57Josh Thompson35:49
    Overall FemaleHolly Ortlund17:49Kimberly Nieves42:01
    Masters MaleKen Youngers17:01Kevin Graham35:58
    Masters FemaleTammi D'Elena20:44Gail Nestor44:21
    20125K 10K
    Overall MaleNathan Hoskins (25)15:03Filemon Lopez (53)37:48
    Overall FemaleChristy Beckman (35)17:44Patricia Coppel (28)41:03
    Masters MaleTim Newberg (41)18:01Phillip Finley (47)41:06
    Masters FemaleNancy Stewart (56)19:08Christina Evans (44)42:07
    2011 5K 10K
    Overall MaleEric Stabb (43)15:47Jack Westrick (40)36:01
    Overall FemaleTracey Rossi (37)20:06Patricia Hopkins Coppel (27)41:33
    Masters MaleMichael Strickland (44)15:59Brad Slavens (42)35:34
    Masters FemaleSue Foster (45)20:38Christina Evans (43)42:11
    2010 5K 10K
    Overall MaleRyan Doyle (16)16:08Matt Shock (28)34:47
    Overall FemaleHailey Branch (14)18:51Patricia Hopkins (26)42:26
    Master MaleTom Doering (49)18:07Brad Slavens (41)37:33
    Master FemaleMary Ellen Dallow (44)22:26Lawonia Bryant (45)46:32
    2009 5K 10K
    Overall MaleRyan Doyle (15)16:28Thomas Carroll (36)35:43
    Overall FemaleKelly Meyer19:39Cathy O'Meara (44)43:32
    Master MaleWilliam Figueredo (46)19:16Brad Slavens (40)39:33
    Master FemaleKellie Eyre (48)19:50Carrie Dix (46)48:18
    2008 5K 10K
    Overall MaleRichard Tuttle (35)16:41Antonio Holguin (42)37:25
    Overall FemaleChristina Evans (40)19:31Allison Dublinski (24)37:57
    Master MaleDan Clark (43)18:07William Figueredo (45)39:23
    Master FemaleCathi Monk (40)20:08Kim Wheeler (49)43:52
    2007 5K 10K
    Overall MaleJordan Turner (21)16:37Jason Peele (16)35:02
    Overall FemaleCheryl Cowart (44)21:23Holly Jimenez (26)41:50
    Master MaleMark Hutchinson (56)19:30Robert Feldman (52)37:25
    Master FemaleMary Anne Taylor (51)22:37Virginia Martin (41)45:10
    2006 5K 10K
    Overall MaleAnthony Keaton (33)16:43Scott Freedman (36)35:50
    Overall FemaleNancy Stewart (50)19:18Whitney Sharp (24)41:56
    Master MaleWilliam Figueredo (43)18:08Robert Feldman (51)37:09
    Master FemaleJulie Collins (43)20:45Gina VanAmburgh (41)46:20
    Overall MaleAnthony Keaton (32)16:51John Stoehr (20)33:38
    Overall FemaleCheryl Gudelsky (17)21:16Erica VanReenen (27)39:39
    Master MaleFrank Storniolo (48)19:02Robert Feldman (50)36:47
    Master FemaleSusan Reilly (46)22:27Wendy Sullivan (41)47:35
    20045K 10K
    Overall Malemissing--Ange Badji (35)37:24
    Overall Femalemissing--Carmen Evers (41)42:02
    Master Malemissing--William Figuerdo (43)38:24
    Master Femalemissing --Sheryl Dusek (40)48:56
    Overall MaleRubin Marquez (31)16:59Jason Cage (25)35:22
    Overall FemaleAmy Seldin (36)19:52Erica VanReenen (25)38:07
    Master MaleWilliam Figueredo (41)17:52Frederico Ramos (41)36:45
    Master FemaleSusan Searle (42)21:06Carmen Evers (40)44:10
    2002 5K 10K
    Overall MaleBrett Edwards17:30Federico Ramos (40)36:44
    Overall FemaleJennifer Krolak20:09Sally Brooking45:28
    Master MaleRobert Feldman (47)17:46Barry Halligan38:16
    Master FemaleSherri Hintz20:09Kim Olson48:56
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