Our spring break date brought a smaller yet enthusiastic crowd to 2019 Run the River 5K/10K. With a good weather day and timely race results everything ran smoothly – just the way we like it.

Congratulations to our overall winners. The 5K was dominated by the younger set with 18 year old Benjamin LeBlanc the overall 5K winner in an excellent time of 16:13. Benjamin can add this win to his 2 previous 10K wins – impressive.  Also impressive was 14 year old Clara Heppner’s 19:31 time as the overall female winner. Dan Cole can add this year’s 5K master win with his previous 10K and 5K overall wins. We had 4 new names as 10K winners including overall winners Addison Nieman(28) at 38:14 and Regina Ronan(45) at 43:38.

Thanks to all our sponsors for supporting us again this year. A special thanks to the City of Roswell - Special Events Dept., Police & Fire Depts., Parks Dept., and RDOT for providing assistance and resources to make the event safe and enjoyable.

See you all in 2020 on April 25 when we will once again Run the River so that Homestretch can continue its mission of helping homeless families get back on course.


  • 44% of all Americans are only one paycheck away from homelessness.
  • Over 15% of the Fulton County population is living below the poverty line.
  • During this year, approximately 3,250 families with dependent children will be homeless in Fulton County. Of these families, 812 are located in the North Fulton community.
  • Only 6% of the North Fulton population is aware that homelessness exists in the North Fulton area.
  • The median household income in the North Fulton area is $103,190 (vs. the national average of $61,579). In comparison, the typical household income of North Fulton low-income families is approximately $21,000.
  • Minimum wage workers must work 109 hours per week to afford an average 2 bedroom apartment in the Metro Atlanta area.

Little homeless assistance programs exist in the North Fulton community. Currently, HomeStretch is the only agency in the area that not only addresses homelessness through supportive transitional housing and an educational programs, but also serves families headed by two-parents, single-dads and single-moms. Most homeless shelters are located in downtown Atlanta and do not provide long-term, comprehensive programs to reverse the homeless cycle.

There is a shortage of affordable housing in North Fulton for working families with low incomes placing them at risk of homelessness. The average household income in North Fulton is $103,190 (vs. the national average of $61,579). The typical income of low-income families in North Fulton ranges from $18,000-$24,000. According to the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, these lower income earners must work 109 hours per week to afford an average 2-bedroom apartment in the north metro Atlanta area. HomeStretch provides transitional housing and an individualized support program that help working, homeless families regain stability and return to sustainable permanent housing.

5K 10K
Overall Male2012Nathan Hoskins (25)15:032005John Stoehr (20)33:38
Overall Female2012Christy Beckman (35)17:442008Allison Dublinski (24)37:57
Master Male2011Michael Strickland (44)15:592016Dan Cole (48)35:52
Master Female2012Nancy Stewart (56)19:082016Mary Tollett (40)41:23
3 Time WinnerDan Cole set a new 10K Master course record of 35:52 in 2016; then in 2017 was the 1st Overall in the 5K (17:13). In 2019 he was the 5K Master winner (17:40).
3 Time WinnerTracey Raspante was the 1st 10K Female in 2011 (20:06) and in 2016 the 1st 10K Female Master with an improved time of 19:48. In 2017, she was the 1st 5K female (19:56)
3 Time WinnerTammi D'Elana was the 5K Female Master winner in 2013 (20:44), 2015 (21:23) and 2017 (20:46)
3 Time WinnerBenjamin LeBlanc, at age 13,  won the 10K in 2014 (35:25) and won again in 2016 (35:41).  In 2019 he was 1st Overall in the 5K (16:13).
2 Time WinnerBethany LeBlanc (18) won the 10K overall in 2015 (42:30) and again in 2016 while drastically improving her time (39:40)
4 Time WinnerChristina Evans was the 1st 5K Female in 2008 (19:31) and the 10K Master Winner in 2011, 2012, 2014. She held the Master 10K course record (42:07) from 2012 - 2016
2 Time WinnerBrian Sydow (42) won the 5K in 2015 (17:48) and again in 2016 with an improved time of 16:49
2 Time WinnerTimothy Newberg was the 5K Master winner in 2012 (18:01) and again in 2015 (18:03)
5 Time WinnerWilliam Figueredo has been the master winner in both the 5K &10K
4 Time WinnerRobert Feldman has been the master winner in both the 5K & 10K
4 Time WinnerBrad Slavens won the 10K Master Division in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2015 and is the current record holder
3 Time WinnerPatricia Hopkins Coppel won the 10K Overall Female Division in 2010,  2011 & 2012
2 Time WinnerFerderico Ramos was the overall 10K winner in 2002 and the master 10K winner in 2003 and also finished first in 45 – 49 age category in 2011 with a time 39:06
2 Time WinnerErica VanReener won the 10K in 2003 & 2005
2 Time WinnerCarmen Evers won the master 10K in 2003 and was the overall 10K Winner in 2004
20195K 10K
Overall MaleBenjamin LeBlanc (18)16:13Addison Nieman (28)38:14
Overall FemaleClara Heppner (14)19:31Regina Ronan (45)43:38
Masters MaleDan Cole (51)17:40Christopher Beneat (45)39:59
Masters FemaleAlly Daniels (40)21:54Lisa Zupko (45)49:11
20185K 10K
Overall MaleKen Youngers (61)17:58Ryan Bonfiglio (40)37:50
Overall FemaleKatie Bennett (35)19:15Ruth Beuker (30)41:19
Masters MaleBruce Catanzarite (51)19:47Gregory Hall (40)43:43
Masters FemaleLeslie Hinz (60)20:50Casey Keeter (42)42:29
20175K 10K
Overall MaleDan Cole (49)17:13Manual Muhl (32)37:33
Overall FemaleTracey Raspante (43)19:56Judy Roberts (39)39:21
Masters MaleJason Ross (41)19:15Bill Wileman (41)38:47
Masters FemaleTammi Delana (44)20:46Sara Hofeldt (44)43:06
20165K 10K
Overall MaleBrian Sydow16:49Benjamin LeBlanc34:41
Overall FemaleJulita Auers19:40Bethany LeBlanc39:40
Masters MaleBrad Heppner21:32Dan Cole35:52
Masters FemaleTracey Rossi19:48Mary Tollett41:23
20155K 10K
Overall MaleBrian Sydow17:18Andrew Cawood34:01
Overall FemaleTess Cochran19:44Bethany LeBlanc42:30
Masters MaleTimothy Newberg18:03Brad Slavens35:48
Masters FemaleTammi D'Elena21:23Anita Fuller43:18
20145K 10K
Overall MaleJonathan Gomez (19)17:06Benjamin LeBlanc (13)35:25
Overall FemaleKatie McClay (26)19:31Lauren Giles (33)40:23
Masters MaleJohn Roberts (59)18:03Brad Slavens (45)36:17
Masters FemaleMary Richards (59)22:59Christina Evans (46)42:46
20135K 10K
Overall MaleVictor Breedveld16:57Josh Thompson35:49
Overall FemaleHolly Ortlund17:49Kimberly Nieves42:01
Masters MaleKen Youngers17:01Kevin Graham35:58
Masters FemaleTammi D'Elena20:44Gail Nestor44:21
20125K 10K
Overall MaleNathan Hoskins (25)15:03Filemon Lopez (53)37:48
Overall FemaleChristy Beckman (35)17:44Patricia Coppel (28)41:03
Masters MaleTim Newberg (41)18:01Phillip Finley (47)41:06
Masters FemaleNancy Stewart (56)19:08Christina Evans (44)42:07
2011 5K 10K
Overall MaleEric Stabb (43)15:47Jack Westrick (40)36:01
Overall FemaleTracey Rossi (37)20:06Patricia Hopkins Coppel (27)41:33
Masters MaleMichael Strickland (44)15:59Brad Slavens (42)35:34
Masters FemaleSue Foster (45)20:38Christina Evans (43)42:11
2010 5K 10K
Overall MaleRyan Doyle (16)16:08Matt Shock (28)34:47
Overall FemaleHailey Branch (14)18:51Patricia Hopkins (26)42:26
Master MaleTom Doering (49)18:07Brad Slavens (41)37:33
Master FemaleMary Ellen Dallow (44)22:26Lawonia Bryant (45)46:32
2009 5K 10K
Overall MaleRyan Doyle (15)16:28Thomas Carroll (36)35:43
Overall FemaleKelly Meyer19:39Cathy O'Meara (44)43:32
Master MaleWilliam Figueredo (46)19:16Brad Slavens (40)39:33
Master FemaleKellie Eyre (48)19:50Carrie Dix (46)48:18
2008 5K 10K
Overall MaleRichard Tuttle (35)16:41Antonio Holguin (42)37:25
Overall FemaleChristina Evans (40)19:31Allison Dublinski (24)37:57
Master MaleDan Clark (43)18:07William Figueredo (45)39:23
Master FemaleCathi Monk (40)20:08Kim Wheeler (49)43:52
2007 5K 10K
Overall MaleJordan Turner (21)16:37Jason Peele (16)35:02
Overall FemaleCheryl Cowart (44)21:23Holly Jimenez (26)41:50
Master MaleMark Hutchinson (56)19:30Robert Feldman (52)37:25
Master FemaleMary Anne Taylor (51)22:37Virginia Martin (41)45:10
2006 5K 10K
Overall MaleAnthony Keaton (33)16:43Scott Freedman (36)35:50
Overall FemaleNancy Stewart (50)19:18Whitney Sharp (24)41:56
Master MaleWilliam Figueredo (43)18:08Robert Feldman (51)37:09
Master FemaleJulie Collins (43)20:45Gina VanAmburgh (41)46:20
Overall MaleAnthony Keaton (32)16:51John Stoehr (20)33:38
Overall FemaleCheryl Gudelsky (17)21:16Erica VanReenen (27)39:39
Master MaleFrank Storniolo (48)19:02Robert Feldman (50)36:47
Master FemaleSusan Reilly (46)22:27Wendy Sullivan (41)47:35
20045K 10K
Overall Malemissing--Ange Badji (35)37:24
Overall Femalemissing--Carmen Evers (41)42:02
Master Malemissing--William Figuerdo (43)38:24
Master Femalemissing --Sheryl Dusek (40)48:56
Overall MaleRubin Marquez (31)16:59Jason Cage (25)35:22
Overall FemaleAmy Seldin (36)19:52Erica VanReenen (25)38:07
Master MaleWilliam Figueredo (41)17:52Frederico Ramos (41)36:45
Master FemaleSusan Searle (42)21:06Carmen Evers (40)44:10
2002 5K 10K
Overall MaleBrett Edwards17:30Federico Ramos (40)36:44
Overall FemaleJennifer Krolak20:09Sally Brooking45:28
Master MaleRobert Feldman (47)17:46Barry Halligan38:16
Master FemaleSherri Hintz20:09Kim Olson48:56
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