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  • Youth Education

    In 2019, our Executive Director presented an educational initiative called HomeStretch University of Excellence, which focuses on 3 areas: tutoring, mentoring and career education.

    Tutoring - Teachers will work on both reading and STEAM-based initiatives to ensure that the well-rounded education encompasses all subject areas and is related to real-world needs they will encounter upon graduation.

    Mentoring – Provides benefits such as academics, social-emotional well-being, mental health strengthening and prevention of risky behaviors such as drug use and teenage pregnancy. Pairing our young men with mentors will promote a sense of identity which in turn leads to positive self-worth and a healthy sense of future success. The mentoring relationship will be facilitated through one on one and group discussions, sports activities and events, cultural field trips, college tours, life skills sessions and an annual formal recognition ceremony.

    Career Education – Centers around the understanding that not all students will go on to attend a formal education through college as a means towards finding their career path in the workforce. We will find opportunities to engage the youth in career exploration based on their areas of interests and aptitude.

    The HomeStretch University of Excellence addresses multiple priorities. Our program serves youth where social services and resources are sparse, especially for homeless children in the North Fulton County area. Our trifold approach on tutoring, mentoring and career/college exploration will contribute to a better quality of life integrating social, health, education, and environmental concerns.

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